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Laws of the People's Republic of China on Coprporate Income Tax han been approved by the 5th pleanary of the 10th National People's Congress on March 16th,2007 and shall come into force as of January 1st,2008. According to the new law,the income tax rate of companies with foreign investment is 25%,which is the same as of companies with domestic investment. Only the encouraged projects and Industries according with the regulations and laws of the nation are able to enjoy the preferential rate. The small enterproses earning low profits in accordance with the condition, be bevied the company income tax with 20% reduction.those hi-tech enterprises supported by the state,be levied the company income tax with 15% reduction.


◎ Preferential tax policy of Jiangbei Investment Pioneering Center
Enterprise income tax:
Enterprises with foreign investment can enjoy the preferential policy of Two Year Free & Three Year Half,which means the income tax of enterprises with foreign investment are exempted for the first two profit making years and only 50% is levied for the following three years.(current in use)
Dutiable tax rate is 25%.20% for qualified small low-profit enterprises,15% for hi-tech enterprises supported by the country and 20% for none-residential enterprises.(This policy will start from Jan.1,2008)

Value-added Tax: The taxation exemption, offset and refund practice shall be applied to export products of enterprises with foreign investment. The refund rate of which is 13% (17% for high-tech products and 11% for textile and rubber products).

Customs duty: For the projects meet with the national Foreign Investment Industry Guideline, customs duties and value-added taxes aroused from importation are exempted for the imported self-use equipments within the total investment volume excluding those listed in the List of Import Commodities Enjoy None Tax Exemption for Projects with Foreign Investment.


◎Preferential Policies of The High-tech Incubator of Central Jiangbei

The canteen in central

Preferential Policies
1、Enterprises and companies will get rent subsidy on renting offices or factory buildings.
2、Companies establishing in the incubator will enjoy tax cuts。
3、Companies can prior to get the subsidy from the government.
4、Help companies to get the certificate of scientific and technological achievements.
5、Help companies to apply for the innovation found.

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