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In recent years, Jiangbei district has concentrated on overall economic development and living standard improvement. As a result, the economy is has been strengthened notably and the urban appearance has changed with each passing day.

Regional Gross Domestic Product
General economic development status of Jiangbei district can be described as stable development and optimized industrial structure. According to the statistics approved by Ningbo Statistics Bureau, in 2016, the GDP of the whole district was RMB 37 billion, and realized a 10.6% increase from the earlier year. Added value and growth rate of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary industry were, respectively, RMB 0.84 billion and 12%, RMB 11.8 billion and 8.2%, RMB 24.34 billion and 11.8%. The ratio between Primary, Secondary and Tertiary industry is 2.3∶31.9∶65.8.

The ratio between Primary, Secondary and Tertiary industry in 2016

Fiscal Revenue and Expenditure
Fiscal revenue of Jiangbei district steadily grows. Region-wide financial income in 2016 increased 12.5% and reaches RMB 95.3 billion. Of which, General budget revenue is RMB 6 billion, increased 10.6%; central revenue is RMB 3.53 billion, increased 15.9%. Fiscal expenditure structure is further optimized and added fiscal resources are mainly invested to the people's livelihood areas. Annual general budget financial expense is RMB 5.07 billion, increased 0.3%. Total investment in people's livelihood areas is RMB 3.1 billion, increased 4%. Among which, total allocated to different fields is: education RMB 690 million, urban and rural community affairs RMB730 million, transportation RBMB140 million, medical health RMB250 million, social security and employment RMB400 million dollars, agriculture, forestry and water affairs RMB 420 million, science and technology RMB210 million, energy saving and environment protection RMB 170 million, cultural, sports and media RMB90 million. Overall expenditure to people's livelihood areas amounts to more than 61.2% of the general budget expenditures..


As an old industrial base, military base and non-staple food base of Ningbo, Jiangbei district has entered a new development and upgrading era with the linking of Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge and infrastructure improvement. By 2030, total district area will extend from 30 sq. km at present to 100 sq. km. The developing district is a land full of vigor and vitality, and is suitable for living, business and investment. Residents in this district are next to sceneries because of the rich natural resources. Commercial projects can also benefit from the charming environment in improving quality.

As the main portal of Ningbo to "connect with giant Shanghai and integrate with in the Yangtze River Delta’, the main hinge on Yuci area, and the key joint of Ningbo port economy, Jiangbei district owns an increasingly broad prospects for development. Based on the clear judgment of development potentials, The 8th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party of Jiangbei district proposed that the future five year will be the golden period of leaping development. The whole district will adhere to the theme of scientific development theme; follow the mainstream of transformation development; apply two-wheel driven approach of new urbanization and industry modernization; and accelerate the implementation "Two-river Strategy". The whole district will be constructed as a modern downtown suitable for residential and business, and realize the leaping development into a well-off society benefiting its peoples.

Best of Jiangbei District
 World largest water meter production base: Ningbo Water Meter Co., Ltd.
 China largest manual shaver production manufacturer: Ningbo Kaili Blade Manufacture Co., Ltd.
 China largest temperature controller manufacturer: Ningbo Sunlight Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
 China largest temperature controller manufacturer: Ningbo Sunlight Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
 China biggest manufacturer of steel weighing cells: Keli Sensing Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.
 China lagrgest seafood production enterprise: Lulong Brothers seafood Co., Ltd.
 China largest transmission equipment manufacturer¬¬¬: Ningbo Donly Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.
 China largest copper valve production and export base: AMICO Group Co., Ltd.
 China largest manufacturer of plunger type hydraulic pump: Ningbo Wide Sky SKS Hydraulic Co., Ltd.
 China largest manufacturer of bicycle pedals: Ningbo Jialong Industrial Co., Ltd.
 Zhejiang largest manufacturer of adhesive: Zhejiang Lingqiao Qihua Commercial and Trade Co., Ltd.
 Zhejiang largest export base of mini bonsai: Ningbo Hong-xing Gardening Center
 Zhejiang first yacht base: Leisure Boating Club
 Ningbo largest private enterprise: Ningbo Jintian Copper (group) Co., Ltd.
 Ningbo largest marine transportation enterprises: Ningbo Marine Transportation Co., Ltd.

World well-known
The kind Filial Piety Culture Village of China, China Rice Cake Center, China Water Meter Center.

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