The foreign trade economy makes a good start in Jiangbei
2018-03-06 13:41:32

The 4-day 28th East China Fair (hereinafter referred to as “ECF”) came to a successful conclusion on March 4 in Shanghai. According to statistics, a total of 17 enterprises in Jiangbei District attended this year’s ECF, reserving 27 exhibition booths for display of fashion clothing, daily consumer goods, household electrical appliances and electronic products, traveling and leisure products and home living decorations, etc. This year, ECF boasts more visitors as compared to that of last year and exhibitors benefit quite a lot.

ECF, the first large-scale exhibition right after the Spring Festival in China, is quite eye-catching. Many foreign trade enterprises take ECF quite a platform for their exploration of markets and more orders in the beginning of the year. Ningbo Home-Dollar Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd., a foreign trade company of a long history, pays great attention to its self brand development. Home-Dollar takes 4 exhibition booths at this year’s ECF, and its products on display attract numerous professional visitors from South Korea and Japan. As a representative of Home-Dollar says, “We have exchanged business cards with numerous visitors and have agreed to cooperate with some of them”. For Home-Dollar, it is quite an opportunity to further explore markets in Japan and South Korea.

“ECF ,the largest regional trade fair organized in China which features traders from across the world, is a good chance for our exhibitors to strengthen industrial exchanges, to enhance their international fame, to win more orders and to contribute to the development of foreign trade”, a representative from Jiangbei Bureau of Commerce says. Most of the exhibitors from Jiangbei District aim at the markets in South Korea and Japan at the ECF. The bags and suitcases that are produced by Kaili Outdoor Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and pet supplies with Huihao Textile Co., Ltd. are quite favored and win a great number of orders from Japanese and South Korean buyers.

According to statistics, the import and export volume in January 2018 in Jiangbei reached up to 4.669 billion yuan, 65.3% more than that of the same period last year, and 52.6% higher than that of the average in Ningbo. Out of the 4.669 billion yuan, 2.37 billion yuan was the export volume with a year-on-year increase of 17.7% and 10.8% higher than that of the average in Ningbo; the import volume was 2.299 billion yuan with a great increase of 183.9% than that of the same period last year and 158.6% higher than that of the average in Ningbo. The above 3 increases all rank No. 1 in Ningbo, making a really good start.

For the next step, Jiangbei Bureau of Commerce is to provide better services for enterprises with field visits, to develop a favorable foreign trade environment for enterprises and to promote stable economic and business development in Jiangbei District with more precise, full and highly effective services.

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