Improving the environment for gathering of talents in Jiangbei District
2018-02-08 14:14:09

Jiangbei not only needs advanced scientific technologies and innovative management, but also powerful groups of talents in order to accelerate transformation of economic development modes, to promote adjustment to industrial structures and to improve enterprises’ competence. Nowadays, “Grasping Opportunities, Winning Projects and Attracting Talents” has become a new development consensus.

Talent support is the key to innovation development

Transformation from “Made in Jiangbei” into “Smart Manufacturing in Jiangbei” requires further great needs for technological talents. Yu Dan, Principal of Ningbo Zhongxin Vocational Training School, says that no first-class goods are able to be produced without first-class technicians, that the more smart talents are reserved, the better Jiangbei can develop itself, and that it is quite important that governmental departments strive for providing a better environment for talents’ self-development and innovation. Only by doing this, more and more talents are coming to Jiangbei for a promising future of Jiangbei District.

The development of young industries makes Jiangbei more vigorous

How to introduce more young talents into Jiangbei District for venture and work? Xu Buguang, General Manger of Ningbo Runyes Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., says that it is a must to develop young industries, experience economies and innovative business modes, that only when the surrounding environment is favorable for young customers, young talents would come in great numbers, that Jiangbei shall better integrate its tourism walkways, the Old Bund and its e-business industrial parks for a better environment for the development of young industries.

Xu Buguang also says that in order to realize innovations on business modes, more young talents shall be introduced while we break the old tradition of thinking, that we shall spare some space for failure of venture among young talents and for final value realization. New industries can be developed according to local geographical advantages for integration of industries and urban development in Jiangbei District, especially along the North Bank of Yao River and for the rising of new industries with numerous young talents.

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