Ningbo Mountain Marathon 2018 opened for registration
2018-02-05 14:12:37

As is learnt from Jiangbei Sports Bureau, Ningbo Mountain Marathon 2018 has been opened for registration since 12 p.m., February 5 and the deadline for the registration is at 12 p.m., March 23. Ningbo Mountain Marathon 2018 is to be held around Sunhu Lake in Jiangbei on April 15 (Sunday). Long-distance runners are able to register for the Marathon or to inquire information on the official website of Ningbo Mountain Marathon 2018 ( Official WeChat Account of “nbsdmlsz⁃wh” is also available for detailed information of the Ningbo Mountain Marathon 2018.

Being a typical sports competition in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo Mountain Marathon has won its fame among runners after 4 years’ development. Ningbo Mountain Marathon boasts famous participants or volunteers, including world-famous Women's Volleyball Coach Lang Ping, “Diving Queen” Gao Min, and Gymnastic Stars, such as Li Ning, Li Chunyang and Jiang Yuyuan, etc.

For now, full preparation for the coming race is under way and the race would allow 4,600 runners to take part in. Ningbo Mountain Marathon, composed of Full Marathon with 1,000 runners, Half Marathon with 1,600 runners and Mini Marathon with 2,000 runners, is the largest Mountain Marathon in East China for now.

The track is one of the most important factors for a Marathon race. For years, Ningbo Mountain Marathon chooses tracks with charming landscape and has won the honor of the “Most Beautiful Track”, where runners are able to enjoy the scenery south of the Yangtze River Delta.

Ningbo Mountain Marathon has been improving itself in organization and service-providing since its first session in Year 2014. The recharge point is more intensive; the supply categories are richer; the waiting time for transferring is shorter; specially-assigned persons are available at key transportation hubs; multilingual service stations are available; the materials and supplies for the race is more environment-friendly... Due to its unique and complicated race route, Ningbo Mountain Marathon requires higher requirements on security insurance. Thus, the number of rescuers and AED has been increased by 30% as compared to that of the previous session and more intensive rescue resources are available in key areas along the track.

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