“Spring Festival Tourism” activates Landscape Economy in Jiangbei
2018-02-24 14:18:07

“We are coming to Cicheng to recover our feelings during the Spring Festival when we were kids, and we have bought some rice cakes for our family members and friends,” Ms. Zhang says, “The atmosphere here is quite favorable and my child and parents like being here a lot”.

In recent years, more and more tourists are coming to Cicheng for the experience of Spring Festival custom. This year, the Spring Festival Activity “Enjoying the Year of the Dog” makes the ancient county of Cicheng decorated with numerous lanterns, bursting with happiness. Enjoying exhibitions and traditional performances, making cakes, sugar blowing, sugar painting and dough modeling… a variety of folk activities are available for tourists’ experience of a strong local flavor during the Spring Festival.

Green tours in the outskirts are quite popular as well. Clusters of tourists are strolling in the countryside, or climbing the Beishan Moutain, or walking along the green way in Nanlian Village, or listening to country sounds in B&B in Maoao Village…taking a full breath of the fresh air of the countryside, tasting the green and delicious snacks, slowing down their body and mind, and enjoying the pleasure of the slow life in the countryside.

“Finding Spring in the Sea of Plum Blossom” Plum Blossom Festival 2018 was held in the Green Wild Mountain Scenic Spot in Wuxing Village, Cicheng, allowing tourists to participate in hunting of treasure in the green filed and praying for spring festival blessings while enjoying the beautiful sea of plum blossoms. Another activity of “Following the Scent of Aroma for Finding Plum Blossoms while Treading on Snow” was held in Baoguo Temple.

“In recent years, Jiangbei has been devoting to the development of a tourism district of Jiangbei and the sightseeing agricultural business, aiming at helping farmers to earn more money, and making the farmlands in Jiangbei into gardens, and villages into scenic spots, ” as is told by a representative of Jiangbei Scenic Spot Tourism Administration Bureau, “the natural space, mountains, waters, ecology and cultural advantages are most favorable for the development of tourism, culture, sports, health care and elderly care service”.

As is learnt, during the Spring Festival, Jiangbei welcomes tourists from Shanghai, Jiangsu and Fujian every day, either coming to visit their family members or coming for a tour. And foreign friends from USA, India, Poland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Burundi, and South Korea, etc. gather together at the Old Bund, writing the Character “Fu” and spring festival couplets, and enjoying western “dinners served separately as the guests arrive in succession”.

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