The activity themed “Our Festivals• Spring Festival & Lantern Festival” initiated in Jiangbei District
2018-02-12 14:15:03

The activity themed “Our Festivals 2018· Spring Festival & Lantern Festival” in Ningbo, co-organized by the Publicity Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Ningbo Civilization Office, Ningbo Bureau of Culture Radio & TV, Press and Publication, and Ningbo Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles, was initiated in Jiangbei Cultural Center. Over 500 people from civilized villages, civilized institutions, communities and sub-districts of Jiangbei District participated in the very activity.

Dough figures, handmade kites, tiger-head shoes, paper-cutting and wood artifacts with bone inlays… Right in the Jiangbei Cultural Center Square, people were appreciating such products and were able to experience in person how to make rice cakes. The organizers of the activity also invited calligraphers to write Spring Festival Couplets and the Character “福” (pronounces “Fu”).

The Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival are the most important and most cherished traditional festivals among all Chinese people. In recent years, Ningbo has been taking the activity of “Our Festivals” as a major way to dig deeper the cultural connotation of traditional festivals and the spirit of the time and has carried out various cultural activities for participation of the mass public.

As is learnt, abundant “cultural gifts” have been well prepared by all departments in all districts in Ningbo for the popularization of cultural development among the mass public and for bringing every resident a “cultural feast”. In the coming 1 month, people are able to take part in 275 key activities of 4 major categories of folk custom heritage, cultural activities, volunteer services and condolences to the poor in Ningbo.

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