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Introduction of Jinlun Business District
2012-11-14 15:44:07

After the original freight market on Yong River Street relocated, nearly 25 mu of land used to be warehouse is entirely transformed to be Jinlun business district at west part except for east part which was open to BMW 4S shop of 20 mu. Jinlun business district began to transform from the end of 2008, merchant at the beginning of 2009,and its overall floorage is nearly 15 thousand square meters among which the business office area is 10 thousand square meters, matching catering area is 2430 square meters, and matching single apartment area is 2 thousand square meters. The Jinlun business district is located at crossover district between Huancheng Road and Renmin Road, in the north of Sun Lake, which is surrounded by Ningbo University sci-tech Industry Park, NO.134 creative valley, and Jiangbei sci-tech entrepreneurship center. It has huge potential in the combination of produce, learning, and research and advantaged resource advantage.

Community-level Enterprises Incubation Center
At the beginning of 2009, through discussion of street leading group, they decided to rent B, D, E the three office building of 6 thousand square meters from developers and build up sci-tech and creative industry incubation center of street level. Besides they decided to chiefly introduce R&D center of technology-based productive company, branch center of colleges and universities technology transfer, company of culture creative industry. Thereinto, the first floor of B was set up as university joint research institute cooperated with the sci-tech bureau of district and now the technology transfer centers of Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of science and technology, Sichuan University and so on have entered and settled. D and E are mainly occupied by creative industry companies such as plan media, industrial design etc.

School-enterprise Cooperation Platform
Utilizing the technology platform of University joint research institute and the advantage of Ningbo University sci-tech Industry Park, it will promote the cooperation between school and company and combination among produce, learning and research so as to provide comprehensive technology sharing service to enterprise innovation.

Creative Industry Cluster Region
In Jinlun business district, agglomeration effect of creative industry is going to appear soon through collecting the power from produce, learning and research, integrating university joint research institute and innovation resources and depending on creative resources from No.134 creative valley. At present, it has introduced many cultural creative enterprises including industry design, automobile design, advertising media, film and television production, brand planning, entertainment, etiquette etc, resulting in the formation of extremely characteristic culture creative industry cluster.

At the same time, we also introduced Accounting firm, Tax Accountant Agent, Auction Company, asset Appraisal Company, Financial Consulting Company, Business Consulting Company, Investment Consulting Company, Logistics Company, and Trading Company so that those settled enterprise can get better service.

Jinlun business district is very successful and satisfying from transformation to attracting investment under the care and support of Jiangbei district committee and district government. By now, there are 65 enterprises settled where the settled rate is more than 99%. With a good condition in operating, Jinlun business district is heading to characteristic business building with high grade specifications and high tax contribution. Jinlun business district merged with the neighboring BMW 4S shop promotes the entire economic image and economic growth space of the building in Huancheng Road. Besides it further promotes the development of creative industry of the street together with No.134 creative valley and Ningbo University sci-tech Industry Park.

Contact person: Lu Fuming 13456169041 (street) Mr. Ma (manager of tenement)


No.67 east part Huancheng Road

Bus stop:

North Sun Lake parktraffic police station

Bus lines

No.521No.812No.371 No.335No.8No.380No.341No.523No.546

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